Main Repair of ADMS 9A33BM3 “Osa-AKM”

Repair of ADMS 9A33BM3 “Osa-AKM”

List of BAZ-S937 chassis elements maintained during ADMS repair:

- system of greasing of the engine;

- fuel supply system;

- system of cooling of the engine;

- system of heating (PZhD-600);

- system of purification of air submitted to the engine;

- system of exhaust gases;

- system of electric equipment of the chassis, devices of external lighting, sound and light alarm;

- system of electric start of the engine;

- system of air start of the engine with repair and survey of cylinders of air start;

- transmission in transfer case;

- onboard and wheel reducers;

- heating ventilating OV-65 installation;

- filtering installation (FVU);

- running gear – with greasing of all chassis according to the greasing table;

- after carrying out repair road tests with regular loading are carried out.


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