Main Repair of radar 19G6

Repair of radar 19G6

Three-coordinate radar is intended for detection identification and tracking of air targets, including strategic cruise missiles, at influence of the organized active and passive jamming, and also reflections from terrestrial surface and weather conditions. It is applied in an defense armies, radio engineering divisions supporting the Air Force. The radar contains radio engineering equipment, placed on MAZ-938V semi-trailer chassis, system of power supply 99X6 in the body - van KP-10 on the MAZ-5224V trailer chassis. The station can be equipped with tower 40V6M by means of which it is possible to lift the phase center of the antenna on height of 24 m that allows to effectively find the low-level targets and to work in the conditions of the woody district.

Main TTC:

Range of detection of a target with tower 40V6M.

at altitude of 50 m. km: 33

at altitude of 500-6000 m. km: not less than 80

Range of detection of targets without tower 40V6M.

at altitude of 50 in. km 28

at altitude of 100 m. km: 42

Wave band: centimetric

Service personnel at combat operation in 3 shifts, persons: 7


- 6UF semi-trailer (6UF-1) as a part of body - van with SPP-15 and MAZ-938B chassis equipment;

- power plants 99X6 (ED2x60-T230P-2RK) as a part of body - KP-10 and MAZ-5224V chassis van


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