Main Repair and extension of service life for missile equipment

Repair and extension of service life for missile equipment

The plant carries out a complex of works on repair, extension of operation life of missiles 5V28 for ADMS S-200V.

This complex of works is made according to the repair manual and the techniques of check of separate units developed at the plant and it includes: missile dismantling on compartments; dismantle of blocks of the onboard equipment; replacement of separate blocks, subblocks, details, f required; replacement of internal plait and connectors, if it is required; replacement of electrical radio elements with limited resource in blocks according to lists of obligatory replacements;

- replacement of fixture, rubber items, high pressure hoses, restoration of paint cover and thermal protection; • hydraulic system check on tightness.

- check of blocks on the bench equipment by the developed techniques; obligatory replacements of electrical-radio elements, testing , check of units and blocks of homing head Complex check of serviceability of the systems of the missile is made at automated control test station AKIPS 5K43.

Also on a specialized section the complex of works on repair of the onboard equipment of missiles 5V27 for ADMS S-125, missiles 5Я23 for ADMS S-75 is carried out.


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