Main Repair of “Osa-AKM” ADMS 9A33BM3

Repair of “Osa-AKM” ADMS 9A33BM3

ADMS is intended for cover of forces and motorized infantry (tank) division in all types of combat actions.

General TTC:

Target detection range, km: up to 45

Engagement zone, m:

- by range 1500-10 000

- by altitude 25-5 000

Probability of engagement of fighter with one AD guided missile 0.5-085

Time of transition of the complex from marching position into combat, min: to 4

Number of guided missiles on combat vehicle: 6

Speed of the complex, km/h

- on highways to 60

- afloat to 8

Cruising range on din roads without refueling, km: 250

Combat crew, people:4


- means;

- engine 5D20B-300B, BAE-5937 chassis RTO with TO GTD 9156-3.

The main works at overhaul of a special unit of ADMS:

- visual check of technical condition of fighting vehicle in the closed position;

- functioning checks after equipment start;

- dismantle of units, subsystems, elements and installations;

- dismantling into elements of units, subsystems;

- replacement of the relay, buttons, switches and potentiometers according to lists of obligatory replacements;

- repair or replacement of faulty electric, hydraulic and pneumatic installations.

- repair of electric, electromechanical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic subsystems;

- repair of the damaged electric machines;

- repair of the navigation device and topographical geodetic control;

- replacement of the damaged units;

- replacement of sealing rubber items;

- replacement of all liquids, oils and greasing;

- restoration of galvanic coveting of details,

- restoration of inscriptions, signs;

- check on specialized benches of operation of units, subsystems, their control and independent adjustments;

- metrological check of checkout equipment;

- complex control of equipment after installation on the chassis;

- alignment of antenna system with YuM 9B914 or check by test flight;

- check of tight consolidations;

- coloring according to coloring cards;

- final checks and adjustments


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