Main Repair of Antiaircraft missile and gun system «Tunguska»

Repair of Antiaircraft missile and gun system «Tunguska»

The system is intended for cover of troops and objects, from air attacks, mainly from assault helicopters and assault aviation flying at extremely low, low and middle altitudes, as well as firing at light armored ground and water-surface targets.

Main TTC:

Air Defence machine guns:

Firing rate with 2 machine guns rounds/min- from 4000 till 5000

Firing zones for air targets, km:

By altitude – up to 3 by range from 0,2 till 4

Engagement range for ground targets up to 2 km


Range of effective engagement with combat part 5m.

Engagement zone for air targets: by altitude – up to 3,5, by range from 2,5 till 8

Homing system – semi-automatic radio-command with optical communication line

Kinds of repair of main components of ADGMS:

The plant carries out a complex of works on repair, extension of the service life of missiles 5V28 for ADMS S-200V.

This complex of works is made according to the repair manual and the techniques of check of separate units developed at the plant and Overhaul of item 2A40, including:

- radar station I PL 144;

- digital computing system 1A26;

- hydraulic actuator of vertical homing 21E29VN;

- navigation equipment; -control system of item 9M311;

- internal telecommunication 1V116and R173 radio station;

- carrying out obligatory replacements of elements with limited resource.

2. Average repair of the caterpillar chassis of GM 352 and its systems:

- power supply systems;

- systems of adjustment of position of the case;

- hydraulic actuator of horizontal homing 2E29GN;

- chassis and suspension;

- units and transmission systems;

- systems of air start;

- systems of cooling of the engine;

- engine fuel supply systems;

- systems of heating, heater starting PGD-600, heater OV-65G.

3. Technical service of No.2 antiaircraft machine guns 2A38:

- technical diagnosing of machine guns in assembled form;

- complete dismantling;

- fault detection and repair of machine guns in unassembled form;

- cleaning of trunks of the machine gun, dry cleaning of the channel of a trunk;

- carrying out obligatory replacements of elements with limited resource;

- covering the details clarified in use it is delicious;

- greasing.

- working capacity check by firing. Checks and tests;

- vibration test of electronic blocks;

- check of compliance of blocks and systems to specifications;

- road tests;

- tests for continuous work. We also perform:

- restoration of paint and varnish and galvanic coverings; restoration of inscriptions and signs;

- coloring according to coloring cards.


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