Main Repair of Defence Missile Systems 5Zh15S, 5Zh15-1 from ADMS S-300P (C,T)

Repair of Defence Missile Systems 5Zh15S, 5Zh15-1 from ADMS S-300P (C,T)

ADMS is intended for defence of important industrial and administrational objects, military bases and control posts from the attacks of all types of air assault means. ADMS5G15S contains multifunctional illumination and homing radar (RPN) 5N63S, up to four launching systems 5P85SD, each of them contains of one launcher 5P85S with the equipment for preparation and launching of missiles and two additional CP 5P85D. RPN contains antenna post FIS and hardware container F2K located on one chassis and providing detection of targets by external target designating or autonomously, capture and automatic tracking 6 targets simultaneously detecting their state identification, launching and simultaneous homing of 12 missiles at them.

Main TTC:

Declared range of targets engagement, km

Aerodynamic – 100 ballistics 40

Maximal altitude of targets engagement, m

Aerodynamic – 30 000 ballistics – 25 000

Quantity of simultaneously fired targets –

Up to 24

Firing rate, s – 1,5

Deployment and folding-down time, min – 5

Type of repair of main components:


-antenna post FIS;

-antenna post F5M;

-containers F2K, F52M, F3S;

- device FL95MA;

-AMU FL24;

-means of autonomous power supply 94E6, 98E6, 99E6;

-semi-trailers MAZ-938;

-transport vehicles TM-5T58-2;

2.Repair due to technical state:

-mobile unified towers 40V6M (MD);

-launching systems PK5P85SD;

-systems autonomous power supply SAES 5S17, 5S18, 5S19;

-electrical units, subunits, cells from ZIP-1B.

3. The regulated maintenance of means of mobility:

-MAZ-543M, MAZ-537 with overhaul of D12A-525 engines and repair on technical condition of the hydromechanical transmissions;



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