Main Repair of Air Defence Missile Systems S-200V “Vega”

Repair of Air Defence Missile Systems S-200V “Vega”

ADMS S-200V is intended to defend of important administrational, industrial and military objects from any type of air attack in the condition of intensive jamming.

Main TTC:

Range of target engagement, km: 240

Maximum altitude of target engagement, m: 35

Available time for firing, min: 1,5

Overhaul covers all components of system:

1. All-system means 5G53V in structure:

- firing channels 5G52V, consisting of:

- command point K9M;

- control tower K7;

- power means;

- means of reconnaissance.

2. Radar for targets illumination 5N62V:

- launching position 5G51V/

3. At the same time the repair of technological equipment, from structure of the technical positions 5G61, that provides preparation, filling, reload and transportation of rockets.


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