Main Repair of S-125 air defense missile system (M1)

Repair of S-125 air defense missile system (M1)

ADMS S-125 is intended for defense of important administrative, industrial and military facilities from all types of air attack, aircrafts flying at extremely small and average altitudes. Provides engage¬ment of bombers, fighter - bombers, planes of the multi - purpose appointment and cruise missiles with the effective surface of dispersion of 0,2 m 3 and more. ADMS includes radar station SNR-125M for tracking and homing, placed on two transported trailers (control cabin and antenna post), four launching mounts with four missiles (ZUR 5B24 or 5B27) with means of power supply on each. SNR-125M has radar - tracking and television channels for automatic and manual modes.


- antenna post UNV;

- control cabins UNV;

- launcher 5P73;

- distributive cabins RKU-N;

- diesel power plants 5E96A;

- set of cables KU-N, KS-NM;


Main TTC:

Range of target engagement, km: 3,5-25

Height of target engagement, m: from 20 to 18 000

Range of detection, km 100

Number of at the same time fired targets: 1

Number of at the same time homed missiles: 2


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