Main Services on modernization of weapons and military equipment Of Combat vehicle 9A33BM2(BM3)

Services on modernization of weapons and military equipment Of Combat vehicle 9A33BM2(BM3)

Air defence missile system “OSA” and its various modifications is the most numerous military air defense complex. Despite the termination of its serial production, more than 400 systems are still in the armies of foreign countries such as Angola, Algeria, Greece, India, Jordan, Poland, Syria, Cuba, Ecuador and others. Air defence missile system was used in combat operations against Air Force of South Africa during the period 1987-88, to counter the air strikes of the US Air Force onto Libyan cities Tripoli and Benghazi in April 1986, during the missile and bomb strikes of the US Air Force and NATO onto the cities of Yugoslavia. In these and other armed conflicts, this complex showed high efficiency of the air lesions of various objects, especially cruise missiles.

The relatively low cost of the complex, ease of use, operating reliability, efficiency has caused the preservation by many countries of this Air defence missile system in service and their interest in its further use. The complex is an all-weather, successful chassis design provides good trafficability, high maneuverability, ability to cross water obstacles. Fighting vehicle has a short reaction time, and the deployment time from traveling position is less than 5 minutes. This ensures operation of the fighting vehicle in the temperature range from 40 to +50 ° C, in dusty conditions and at altitudes up to 3000 m above sea level.

The experience of OJSC "2566 Radioelectronic Armament Repair Plant" in the repair of combat vehicles of Air defence missile system “Osa” both in the interests of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus, and within the contracts with organizations special exporters allows to carry out the development work on modernization of these combat vehicles. Current modernization has affected about 70% of electronic equipment of the complex, while providing improvement of the combat and operational characteristics.

Overhaul and modernization of the combat vehicle "Osa" ensure the extension of its operation for 10-15 years, increase efficiency, ensure reliable detection and destruction of small targets, enhance the anti-jamming of the combat vehicle.

Direction of modernization

Improving the efficiency of the combat vehicle, extending the total life cycle is carried out by replacing a part of the equipment of target locator (SOTs), target tracking station (SSTs), missile sighting system (SVR), television-optical sight (TOV), computing device (SRP). Wherein in the course of the replacement equipment is carried out:

- the implementation of receive paths SOTs, SSTs on modern element base of the amplifiers of high and intermediate frequency;

- the introduction of agility mode of the carrier frequency of magnetron for protection from active noise jamming;

- the introduction of new security algorithms from asynchronous and repeater impulse jamming;

- the realization of signal processing on modern digital element base of paths SOTs and SSTs;

- the introduction of systems of inter-surveillance selection of targets and secondary information processing in the SOTs;

- the introduction of full digital signal processing in the range channel of SSTs, including the mode of through-period compensation of passive jamming;

- the introduction of optical-electronic system (OES) with the matrix operating in near infrared range instead of TOV (television-optical sight) equipment;

- the introduction of the automatic detection and tracking of target via the channel of OES;

- implementation of a specialized calculator on modern element base instead of analog computing device (SRP);

- the introduction into the combat vehicle of the commander’s workstation;

- the use of modern means of information displaying.

Modernized input devices of target tracker SSTs

Modernized input devices of target locator SOTs

Implementation of these measures will ensure:

- the reduction of firing cycle;

- the increasing sensitivity of receivers of target detection stations, target tracking, missile sighting;

- the increasing probability of stealth targets acquisition, the enhancing hardness from high-precision weapons;

- the reduction of errors in ranging - more than three times;

- the reduction of errors in determining the azimuth - more than four times;

- the increasing destruction probability of helicopters, stealth and targets intensively maneuvered against the background of active jamming;

- the introduction of the mode of automatic target detection, determination of its coordinates, automatic tracking using optical-electronic system;

- the possibility of using the new methods of targeting missiles, including the ability to adapt products for the new missile (of future development);

- the simplifying process of performing functional control of the equipment;

- the increasing reliability, simplifying maintenance of equipment;

- the size reduction of equipment, improving ergonomics.

Appearance of the equipment of operators’ workstations of modernized combat vehicle

Placement option of special calculator SV-RT in the modernized support SP-1B

Automated commander’s workstation

Comparative characteristics of combat vehicles of various modifications

Characteristic Value
9A33B 9A33BM3 9A33-1B
Maximum target detection range, km 40 45 60
Error in determining the target range, not more, m 120 120 35
Error in determining target azimuth, degrees (min) 0,9 (54) 0,9 (54) 0,15 (9-10)
Maximum range of target destruction, km 9 10 12
Maximum height of target destruction, km 5 5 6
Maximum course parameter of target destruction 4 4 6
Number of simultaneously tracked target tracks of target locator SOTs 1 1 up to 50
Possibility of automatic target tracking using television-optical sight TOV (OES) - - +
Possibility to display information after secondary processing - - +
Type of missiles used 9M33 9M33M2, 9M33M3 9M33M2, 9M33M3, surface-to-air missile SAM of advanced developments


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