Main Repair and Modernization of the Radio Altimeter PRV-13 (1RL130, 1RL130M (M1,M2,M3)) up to the Level of PRV-13BM

Repair and Modernization of the Radio Altimeter PRV-13 (1RL130, 1RL130M (M1,M2,M3)) up to the Level of PRV-13BM

Mobile-based altimeter PRV-13 is designated:

- to determine the flight level of air objects in conjugation of the ACS (automated control system) objects of various types;

- to work in the ranging mode for low-flying targets as part of automated radar stations;

- to determine the azimuth, range and altitude of air targets offline.

OJSC "2566 REARP" performs overhaul, maintenance and modernization of the radio altimeter PRV-13 and its modifications in order to extend the life and improve the tactical-technical and operational characteristics.

The structure of the mobile radio altimeter PRV-13:

- trailer V1, V2, V3;

- containers and frameworks

Trailer V1 with rotating cabin, receiving and transmitting equipment and antenna devices

Trailer V2 with indicator, synchronization and anti-jamming apparatus and power unit AD-30T

Trailer V3 with spare parts, test equipment, power supply unit AD-30T and converter VPL-30MD

Containers and frameworks for placing antennas, accessories, cable set, spare parts kit, tools and accessories (spare parts) and test equipment

In the process of modernization the outdated equipment are replaced with modern with the use of algorithms of digital information processing.

In the trailer V1

The new receiving equipment and anti-jamming is mounted


The new equipment for digital signal processing and control for swinging motion is mounted


The cabinet TsM-26 is modified


The cabinet of the frequency converter is mounted


The outdated magnetrons MI-285 are replaced with the coaxial pulse magnetrons MI-503 with high frequency stability, longer life and reliability



- the receiver of navigation system GPS-GLONASS;

- equipment of speakerphones;

- fire alarm system.

In the trailer V2

Withdrawn: indicator cabinet, equipment of synchronization, anti-jamming and power unit AD-30T.

Installed in the operator’s compartment:

- automated operator’s workstation ARM for receiving, processing and reflection of digital radar data, digital signal processing on a local network PRV-13, for providing information to external consumers;

- remote control of diesel-generator sets;

- equipment of speakerphones;

- LAN interface unit;

- remote control of fire alarm.


Installed in the apparatus compartment:

- DC drive of rotation control of the cabin B1;

- distribution boards;

- Transformer 380/220V;

- air conditioning;

- cabinets of spare parts and documentation.

It is possible to install an optional automated operator’s workstation ARM-D, which is backup of the function of ARM, with removal at a distance of 300 m.


In the trailer V3


- two diesel generator sets AD32-T400-2RP (DG-40) with a system of synchronization together and with the industrial network;

- fire alarm system;

- equipment of speakerphones.


Modernized radio altimeter provides:

- the receiving and displaying of two-coordinate radar with analog or digital output;

- the automatic detection of air targets with the measurement of height, azimuth, slant range of external target designation;

- the increased sensitivity of the receiving channels due to the replacement of amplifiers based on running wave lamp amplifier with low-noise transistor amplifiers of type USVT-3;

- implementation of digital processing algorithms and information displaying methods, replacement of analog equipment of processing signals to the digital;

- increasing reliability and reducing power consumption by reducing the quantitative composition of the equipment and replacement of electronic devices (up to 600 pcs. 60 types) with semiconductor devices and modules;

- improving the quality of displaying the radar situation of on the color LCD display;

- electronic registration of radar data, the results of monitoring the technical status and diagnosing the equipment, documenting combat performance of the operator;

- the topographic binding of the altimeter location using the receiver of navigation systems GLONASS/GPS and determining the current time;

- increasing the convenience and comfort of staff operation due to the automatic air conditioning, heating and fire alarm systems;

- automatic transfer of information about the coordinates of air objects for remote consumers.

The main comparative specifications of PRV-13 before and after modernization



(before modernization)



Detection zone:

in height

in range (at flight H ≥ 6000 m)

in azimuth

up to 85 km

up to 310 km

360 °


Accuracy of target location:

in height, m (at a range of 200 km)

in range, m (at range scale 300 km)

in azimuth, degrees







Operator's workstation

plane position indicators and height on CRT color LCD monitor 19-23``

Availability of simulator


Technical condition monitoring of the equipment   

manual mode
automatic mode

Power consumption

30 kW 21 kW

Topographic binding of location

theodolite receiver of navigation systems GLONASS/GPS

Life cycle, h

- 10000

Life extension, years

- 10


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