Main Modernization of multiple launch rocket system BM-21 "Grad"

Modernization of multiple launch rocket system BM-21 "Grad"

MLRS BM-21 "Grad" is in the armies of more than 30 countries and is the most massive combat vehicle of this class.

BM-21 is designed to destroy and suppress enemy troops and combat materiel in the areas of concentration of artillery and mortar batteries, to destroy fortifications, strong points and defensive posts.

Major work on modernization:

1. Replacement:

- of chassis Ural-375 with chassis MAZ-631705;

- of radio station P-108M to radio station with improved characteristics.

2. Mounting

- of racks for spare parts kit;

- of switching elements for turning an artillery unit at 180°C to ensure loading products from the racks;

- of gunner's platform BM-21A-9248060Sb;

- of copiers with limit stops to increase the angle of bypass of the cab up to 58° instead of 37°, with the replacement of the cams in the angle limiter of the horizontal guidance;

- reinstalling buffers of limitation of rotation of cannon unit reversal at angles 67° to the right and 180° to the left from the longitudinal axis of the chassis (the previous reversal - 67° to the right and 99° to the left from the longitudinal axis);

- reinstalling the housing of manual drive (reversal up at 120°) for arming the modified bracket.

Characteristic Before After
Allowance of ammunition 40 shells 40+60 shells
Crew 6 persons 5 persons
Endurance at speed 60 km/h 780 km 1200 km
Maximum speed 75 km/h 85 km/h
Engine power 180 л.с. 330 л.с.
Maximum gradeability of combat vehicle No less than 20° No less than 30°
Number of guides 40 40
Firing range 20500 m 20500 m
Salvo interval 20 s 20 s


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